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Fresh rook and earlobe with some nice @neometaljewelry (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Heal helix update with a nice odyssey PRIUM from our friends @industrialstrength (en Pinpoint Piercing)

1 1/2 year Heal Microdermal with a nice gold anodize bezel disc from @industrialstrength (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Something a bit fresh to start the week :) nice Titan flower from @industrialstrength matching with some nice cubic zirconia bezels set from @neometaljewelry (en Pinpoint Piercing)

#Repost from @elvirammm with —- stealing the photo of one of the most beautiful girls in Oslo, wanting to get all together again @vins__vins @ruben.maclean @elvirammm @blackrat_siri @bodmodlife puttissss crew

Have a nice weekend my insta/facebook friends ;) gold pyramid from our friend @bodygems matching with a nice gold black bezel from @neometaljewelry (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Heal helix with a nice white gold feather from our friends @bvla #bvla #bvlalove (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Something different that I did yesterday (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Sometimes simple things makes me so happy thanks again @_maravillas_ for being how u are ( bilingüe) And @merry_inthesky thanks for being there all the time

Thanks to my pretty friend @amandannas for letting me do this on her ear tusen tusen takk 😚 (en Pinpoint Piercing)