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Keeping the golden love 😜💛 (en Pinpoint Piercing)

U are the only one that makes me smile like this. Takk @cathykarlsen …. Photo by @oslocollective at the backstage of @blackrat_clothing 20m underground fashion show at the @thethiefoslo (en THE THIEF)

Golden love 💕 (en Pinpoint Piercing)

This young lady named Evelina made my day yesterday , was an amazing experience for me , even if I being piercing more than a decade she was so nice and thankful that I will never forget her ;) thanks (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Fresh 8mm septum punch with Titan single flared eyelet from @industrialstrength (en Pinpoint Piercing)

A small collaboration that I did for my lovely friend @blackrat_siri for her amazing clothing brand @blackrat_clothing and her new collection “DEATHCRUSH” inspired by the amazing band @deathcrushbaby check it out !!!! (en THE THIEF)

Pretty gold moon from our friends @bodygems (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Time to match 😊 (en Pinpoint Piercing)

White gold triangle shape from @bvla (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Happy Birthday to my little bother @ruben.maclean , u are not anymore a baby-face MATADOR