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Our pretty and talented friend @lillehildetattoo stop the other day to get this Beautiful ear weights from our friends @diabloorganics (en Pinpoint Piercing)

I really enjoyed doing this double gold conch ;) (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Trying to be though like @chaiatcalm (en Fitness24seven Stortorvet)

Showing some #bvlalove :) pretty and simple white gold flower from our friends @bvla (en Pinpoint Piercing)

@ingrid_elise_ showing us her new septum ring :) thanks again for trusting us (en Pinpoint Piercing)

@sinasookie stop by @pinpointpiercing the other day and got for her self this nice gold flower from @bvla Amazing taste (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Amazing shoot from the beautiful and talented @autumnswisher at the #app2014 @safepiercing with my brothers/colleges @bananapiercer and @cristiano_borneoflower

Fresh triple forward helix on a very nice customer @tinaw1209 thanks for the trust 😜 (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Nice nostril with a white gold flower from @bvla amazing upgrade @nubblynubbly 😜 (en Pinpoint Piercing)

Our customer @tfortrine showing some @bvla love with her new gold Lakshmi septum ring (en Pinpoint Piercing)