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Say NO to Gun Piercing

By Lexci Million • Jul 24th, 2006 • Category: ModBlog

As a piercer, I’ve always been a huge anti- piercing gun advocate. The main reason stems from the first major incident I ever encountered on my lifelong friend Jaime.

When Jaime was 18 years old, she had her upper helix pierced from a friend who took a “course” on how to use a piercing gun.

Within a week, Jaime had developed an infection so bad she required emergency medical attention. Her doctors said it was “worse than a staph infection” and likely came from residue of someone else’s tissue left over on the gun despite the machine being “disinfected” between uses.

Jaime’s cartilege literally liquefied due to swelling and the infection eating away at it. She had to have an incision sliced down the back of her ear and packed with gauze so the wound could be cleaned and the infection and necrotic tissue could be scraped out.

After the infection was brought under control, Jaime underwent plastic surgery to reconstruct the cartilage. The surgeon had to remove cartilage from her ribs and literally carve out the shape of her ear to rebuild it.

1 & 2 - Jaime’s ear at the height of it’s infected state
3 - Jaime’s other normal ear
4, 5, 6 - Jaime’s ear today after reconstructive surgery.